Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Macutec manufactured?

It is made in Australia. We source only the highest standard ingredients. It is manufactured under the highest therapeutic manufacturing standard (GMP) in a manufacturing plant which is regularly audited for compliance to this standard.


Why can't I buy Macutec in the Chemist or Health Food Stores?

As a specialist eye care company we believe that only through regular contact with an eyecare professional can your eye health be maximised. Therefore Macutec is only available from selected high quality eyecare practioners, or online following the advice of an eye care professional.


I don't have a credit card to pay

That's fine, for those that are unable to pay by credit we will happily send out a 14 day account that can be paid either by cheque, money order or direct deposit at a bank. Just ring us if you want to pay using this method.

How is Macutec delivered?

We generally use Fastway Couriers. Delivery times range from next day to 4 or 5 days so please allow for this when it's time for you to reorder. For remote areas and P.O. Boxes we use Australia Post.


Do I have to take them three times per day, separately, or with food?

This is very individual but you may take the daily dose of three capsules of Macutec all at once if you tolerate them well, other people may find that they require a meal. Some people like to split them and have 2 in the evening or morning and 1 at night. It is all about getting the daily dose to your eyes and it is up to you how best to take them.


What happens when I am running out?

When our database shows that you may be running low on Macutec we will send you a courtesy reminder email, or a reminder call. Naturally you can contact us when you are ready on the 1800 number at any time.

What improvement will I see?

Remember to get the full effect of  Macutec, it has to be taken every day at the correct dose. It is also important to stay on the treatment to get the benefit.


I have trouble swallowing the Macutec capsules?

The Macutec Essentials capsules are only half the size of the Macutec + Omega 3 (original formulation) and Macutec Once Daily products, so for some people these are much easier to swallow.


How safe is my personal data?

Stiltec has been a partner of Australia Post’s SecurePay for over 9 years. In conjunction with SecurePay, we provide a secure environment for the transfer of your confidential data from your browser to our financial institution using industry standard SSL 128-bit RC4 encryption technology. Your credit card details are held only by Australia Post’s SecurePay using the latest encryption technology. They are not stored with Stiltec or our web hosts and are not re-transmitted at any time. No Stiltec employee has access to your to your financial data.